Particle emission prevention and impact: from real-world emissions of traffic to secondary PM of urban air

What will PAREMPI do?

Transportation enables global delivery of food, materials, energy, people, and more. However, all transport sectors are substantial emitters of air pollutants.

The EU-funded PAREMPI project has the potential to significantly contribute to meeting the challenges Europe faces today to make its transportation system clean, secure, and efficient.

The PAREMPI project will reveal the contribution of the secondary aerosols (SecA) from transport sources to the levels of ambient particulate matter smaller than 2.5 µm (PM2.5) via an increased understanding of precursor exhaust emissions (volatile, semivolatile, particles), their atmospheric reactions and by a novel digital software called ePMI module in the PAREMPI project.

Scientific evidence will be based on existing data and in-depth measurements of chemical and physical characteristics of exhaust and toxicity. In combination with health impact assessments, the quantification of transport externalities will be improved. The produced policy recommendations will promote do-no-significant-harm (DNSH) technologies and “polluter pays” legislation.

All of these activities aim at contributing to the prevention of smog episodes in Europe.

The global transportation sector is a major polluter and the fine particulate matter (PM2.5) emissions are especially harmful.


1.1.2023 -31.12.2025









PAREMPI – In a nutshell

Deep understanding of the formation of secondary aerosols (SecA) from precursor emissions.

Development of model for quantification of total PM (ePMI module) incl. SecA from transport sources.

Unique knowledge of health impacts of different PM (incl. SecA in winter) from Transport.

Improved quantification of external costs of total PM from transport.


Scientific evidence and tools to pave the way to sustainable policies to reduce total PM emissions, including harmful secondary aerosols, from transport sectors.

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