The ambitious goal of the PAREMPI project is to gain scientific evidence of the contribution of transport sectors’ precursor exhaust emissions (volatile, semivolatile, particles) to ambient PM2.5 levels through reactions in the atmosphere to secondary aerosols (SecA), and to develop tools, methods and recommendations to enable wider impacts to prevent these emissions leading to reduced smog formation, less premature deaths, and savings in the related external costs, and hence substantial benefits in healthy living, growth in economy and welfare in Europe and globally.

The PAREMPI project will develop a unique digital software (ePMI module) to estimate SecA mass formed from the precursor emissions. Hence, by measuring specific precursor emissions, SecA formation can be estimated, and the precursor emissions can be included in the emission standards. To fill in gaps in existing knowledge, comprehensive measurements will be conducted including precursor exhaust and SecA emissions, and toxicity testing, and also in-depth molecular level research, as input to modelling work. 

Combined with health impact assessment, solid science-based policy recommendations will be elaborated in the Workshops within Consortium, Advisory Board and other stakeholders. The PAREMPI project will build evidence to recommend policies to reduce and prevent transport-derived harmful ambient PM2.5 levels, including SecA formed through atmospheric reactions.

PAREMPI will follow 5 pathways to achieve these objectives

Understand the transport sectors’ emissions of particles, gases and semi-volatile intermediates, the formation of secondary aerosols and their effects on air quality, in particular during the winter season.

Investigate the toxicity of transport-derived ambient PM2.5.

Improve quantification of the contribution of transport-derived SecA to ambient PM2.5 levels.

Improve assessment of transport-derived ambient PM2.5-related health effects and externalities.

Provide policy recommendations to reduce transport-derived ambient PM2.5.

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