PAREMPI at International Conference on Air Quality

PAREMPI will have a session at the International Conference on Air Quality that will take place in Helsinki from 13-17 May 2024.

This conference series stands as one of the most distinguished and long-standing international gatherings in the field of air quality science. The conference is organised in cooperation by the University of Helsinki and the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

The conference will occur in the same week as PAREMPI General Assembly #4, reserved for partners and the advisory board.

This conference will feature a session on Transport Emissions and Policies, organised by PAREMPI partners, which will feature 16 presentations including accepted abstracts by PAREMPI as well as EASVOLEE and AEROSOLS project. The session will take place in two parts:

  • Part 1: 13:00-15:00

  • Part 2: 15:30-17:30

The following abstracts will be presented during session 1: 

  • Semivolatile emissions in the context of secondary aerosol formation potential. P. Aakko-Saksa and others. 
  • Liquid Combustion Aerosol Standard Generator As Aircraft Engine Emissions Surrogate. Vandestoc, N. Kuittinen and others. 
  • Methodology Of Light-Duty Vehicle Particulate Emissions Testing Over The Transfer From Real Driving Conditions To Chassis Dyno Simulation. W. Honkisz, P. Bielaczyc, P. Aakko-Saksa. 
  • Transport Emissions Impact On Air Quality And Climate. P. Roldin and others. 
  • Secondary Particle Chemical Composition From Exhaust Emissions Of Various Light-Duty Vehicles. L. Simon and others. 
  • Secondary Aerosol Formation From Shipping: Influence Of Technology, Fuel and Aftertreatment Systems. H. Timonen and others. 

The following abstracts will be presented during session 2:

  • Impact of fuels and new engine and exhaust aftertreatment technologies on the pollutants of modern passenger cars. S. Saarikoski.
  • Assessing the contribution of shipping emissions to the Mediterranean air quality. E. Gragkou. 
  • Local ship speed reduction effect on black carbon emissions measured at remote marine station. M. Heikkilä. 
  • Methane and coemitted air pollutants from two lng-powered vessels built in 2021 and 2022. K. Lehtoranta.
  • Non-exhaust particle emissions from rail transport – A source specific quantification. D. Fruhwirt.
  • Variability of aerosol particle concentrations from tyre and brake wear. M. Samland. 
  • Contribution of transport emissions to ground-level ozone over Europe for present-day and future projections. M. Mertens.
  • A geospatial approach to quality real-time traffic emission from open-access traffic congestion information. P. Lun Fung.

Stay in the loop for updates, join the conversation shaping the future of transportation, and check out the programme for more information. 

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